Die Tagebücher und Tagzettel des Kardinals Ernst Adalbert von Harrach (1598-1667). Edition und Kommentar

Projekt am Institut für Geschichte der Universität Wien, in Kooperation mit der Historischen Kommission der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, gefördert durch den Fonds zur Förderung der Wissenschaften

Project director: Prof. Dr. Thomas Winkelbauer

Dr. Alessandro Catalano, Univ. Doz. Dr. Katrin Keller

Publication: published by Böhlau in June 2010

Price: € 890.-

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The diaries and daily notes of the cardinal Ernst Adalbert of Harrach (1598-1667). Edition and commentary
In the last years one can observe all over Europe, that in historical researches cultural history, questions for cultural aspects of traditional problems play an increasing role. In this context, new types of sources are outed and well known sources are relectured in new ways. Ego documents, autobiographical writings like letters, chronicles, autobiographies, diaries and so on occupy an important place among these types of sources. Our project pursues the intention to make available such a source for scientific research. Simultaneously we will set first steps in the analysis of an exceptional source, the diaries and daily notes of cardinal Harrach.
54 year’s issues of diaries came down to us and they are a first-rate source not only for the history of the Habsburg monarchy during the reigns of Ferdinand II and Ferdinand III, which are documented in archives not very well. But because of their proportions, their differentiation as regards content and their meaningfulness, the diaries are a source of importance over and above Central Europe. The daily notes document the daily life of a single aristocrat and high dignitary of the Church as well as they make visible a system of exchange of informations inside aristocratic circles of family and friendship between Vienna, Rome and Prague. The cardinal Harrach was a mediator, an agent with regard to this system of exchange. Therefore, the daily notes are not only documents which make discernible scopes of action for one person in there office, in family contexts or in the aristocratic society of the Habsburg lands. In the notices of cardinal Harrach one can find also European politics and developments in the Habsburg lands like cultural influences from Italy and Central Europe and remarks about counterreformation and “Pietas austriaca”.
In particular, the diversity of contents ist characteristic of the Harrach diaries. Because of this, they would be a source for many fields of researches and historical sciences: German studies and philology, romance languages and literature (27 year’s issues of diaries are written in italian language) will find here material just as art history, history of theatre and music, history of medicine, folklore and researches of historical climate. Nevertheless, the project will put not only a meaningful and differentiated source at the disposal of historical research. With the volume of comments the project also comprises first steps of analysis for different aspects and historical categorizing of content of the source. In this context, the analysis of the diaries and daily notices will brake new ground in historical sciences in Austria.


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